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LoL I got a good one ok heres one thats been all about.

This guy just gets out of a bad divorce, he finds this genie lamp, rubs it (Like that) poof the genie says “I will give you 3 wishes, but keep in mind what ever you get your wife gets double” For his first wish he asks for a new car poof he gets one and his wife gets two new cars… For his second wish he asks for 2 million dollars poof he gets 2 million and his wife gets four … For his final wish he thinks a moment and says beat me half to death! Snack on that for a bit, you know its good!

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lol, thats a good one

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Hey “Joseking” while you were busy writing that …ummm “Lame” responce you should have noted that I said “its been all about” I am proud of that I can also read questions too :) thanks for just being rude buddy

this joke has been told so many ways, and reguardless no everyone know this one…its a classic and will never die out.

Answer #4

Haha wow that’s pretty interesting… he should of wished to get all the stuff in her will though

Answer #5

I’ve heard that before. Hahahahaha. Funny.

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