Do you believe "health is wealth"?

Answer #1

No, but I believe to truly have wealth, you must have health.

Answer #2

No, being healthy doesn’t always mean it’s good. People try there hardest at being healthy, they forget the good things in life such as spending time with people, going out with your friends and partying. Also in most cases people spend their wealth to have health. Personally I would rather be happy then healthy.

Answer #3

just my opinion here…no offense to anyone…I cant understand your logic… why/how could you be happy if you are unhealthy?!

No money in the world can buy health unless there is a cure & a 100% grantee that your money can afford it or that it will really cure you 100% back to health! If you are suffering from a certain illness which has no cure or seems to be too risky to try all the money in the world wont grantee you living through it. How could you possibly be happy knowing you have all the money in the world but may be dying of an illness which has no cure?!
Now suppose it has to do with age…suppose you reach a certain age, only now you won the lottery and the moment you get the money you have a heat attack only to be told that your heart is too weak to keep u alive, and there is no where to get a transplant from…so all the money in the world wont buy u another heart & happiness will get u no where…

my point is…you need health to be able to make wealth, and once you have made that happen, then you can be proud of yourself for doing it on your own which is what brings happiness from with in…once you have that real happiness…everything else is a walk in the park.

Answer #4

Yes, I believe that health is wealth. In my family everyone that is unhealthy is unhappy. The healthy ones (which aren’t many, live long and good lives). People TRULY underestimate the value of good health in my opinion.

Answer #5

no. i belive money is wealth! duh.

Answer #6

Definitely, I do completely agree with this sentence that “Health is Wealth”. Because our good health makes our all daily activity successful. So, Health is worth for everyone.

Answer #7

If you’re not healthy, what’s wealth then? that’s my opinion :)

Answer #8

Yes, I believe in the health is wealth. But when we would be regularly exercise and follow proper diet plan. If any one want to stay strong and fit, then they should follow them. I hope this information will help.

Answer #9

why not health “health is wealth “ because if you not healthy then how can you earn be healthy be wealthy,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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