He wants to get me pregnant

my boyfriend c*m in me because he wants me to have his kid but I told him I was ready… then we sat down and talked about and I realize I do want a baby but im not sure if I should have one know im in high school and I want to go to college and he is also in high school and working 2 jobs so we can money for a baby I might be carrying what should I do I really want topbe pregnant but I dont know if that right for me now

Answer #1

Ok, there is no reason honestly you should be having a child.. you are still a child yourself, my suggestion is just to slow down, if you want to go to college like you say you do then just wait… so you can achieve all you want now, you dont want to be stuck with a baby.. it is not as easy as it looks or seems, so I would just tell you to slow down, settle down, get married, and then discuss about kids, and plus what do boys know? lol.. he apparently does not know the cons of raising a child.. when you guys discuss.. discuss everything. :] and he should be focused on school himself as well. you guys are not doing anything with any children running around.

Answer #2

Hello, im 16 and im pretty sure im going to be a teen mom. me and my boyfriend have been trying for almost a year.. andi think you should take a test to find out if you are or if your not. I think teen pregnancy is great and loving couples should follow there dreams together. you can still get a education and go to college it may take more time. but having your baby boy in your life and having your family. it would all be well worth it. I think you should keep trying if you havent concieved and go after what your heart is saying.. im here if you need anything dont be shyy..

hope I helped let me know if I didnt or did baby_doll_7

Answer #3

He doesn’t really want to get you pregnant, he wants to feel what it’s like to let it go inside of you without even thinking twice about the repercussions of his action. Graduate, go to college, get a career, be able to support yourself and have sufficient funding to take care of yourself and a child and see if you still want one then. Otherwise make your life twice as hard as it needs to be, and think with your hormones. You’ll thank yourself when all your friends are in college with careers and you are slinging a baby on your hip.

Answer #4

Its really scary to have young teens say how great teen pregnancy is! What kind of family values were you brought up with? I mean, having unprotected sex is one thing, but when your 14, 15, & 16 years old, and plan on having a baby…thats just so messed up! YOUR STILL JUST KIDS.. Education, and a career, are far more important, than getting pregnant to bind some boy to you! WANTING SOMETHING DOESN’T MAKE YOU READY.

Going ahead and having a baby when you haven’t looked after providing a good nest FIRST, proves you aren’t ready and worse, it suggests that having the baby is based on childish selfishness and immaturity!! You have no idea about responsibility; paying rent and utilities, shopping for a family, car insurance, taxes, saving for education…the list goes on.

It takes more than $180,000 to raise a child. Working at or near minimum wage places you below the poverty level.

You want the love and laughter of a child, and someday you can realize that dream. But you cannot fathom the reponsibiblity of caring for another human being. You give up your desires, your freedom, your future.

Answer #5

look tmsharp your telling me to grow up . and none of us work at at a fast food he works at lowes and in constuction. why am I going to rely on my parents it was our choice and we wanted the baby not our parents and why would I want a baby and pass it off to my mom I know what it takes to care for a baby and I was there when my sister got preggo at 16 so I know its hard but I also know that it aint immpossilble . and you only think of the negative tings so thing about the whole picture before you make your one minded shallow opinons ok

Answer #6

Have the baby if you are pregnant, then put it up for adoption. Finish high school, go on to college, then you can start a family. Don’t put so much stress on you & your boyfriend. Enjoy life while you are young. Having children is a serious business.

Answer #7

you asked for people’s opintions, you need to accept all of them, instead of criticizing the ones you dont like. you are here looking for advice, and if you just wanted to hear everybody say “ya go have a baby and be a teen mom”, then you wouldnt have asked for help.

Answer #8

I hate when people get on here and ask about your family values… back in the day it was typical for the mother of a baby to be 14 or 15 years old. and now its frowned upon. but you are still in high school things will change when you graduate trust me!

Answer #9

dont abort the baby if yur pregnant keep the baby. just wait until yur supposed 2 come on yur period and if yu dont then take a test if it comes out positive go 2 the doctor…consider adoption if yur not ready 2 have a baby NOT ABORTION!

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