He's sensitive... Troubles talking

My boyfriend is really wensitive and gets upset over small things. at times like that I reali don’t noe what I shud do. If I ctn tokin 2 him I’ll most probably make it worse if I dun tok 2 him he might get mad at me. Feel like breaking down abt dis. :( I really love him but it’s just hard to talk to him because he’s sensitive. I’m only 13. He’s 15. what does he xpect me 2 say??? what should I do abt dis?? he himself noes that he’s sensitive and always apologizes for the small tiny mistakes he does. I reali just feel left out in dis world when he does that 2 me. because he’s all that matters to me. my dad’s omost nvr around, my mum’s 2 busy caring abt my 2 elder sister aged 15 and 18 to care about me. He’s de only person hu makes me feel as if someone loves makes me tink that hey at least someone loves me. and I noe that. but when he gets sensitive and I son’t noe what 2 do, I reali reali feel left out and feel like breaking down. Example, now… he just said sumtin I din noe how 2 answer so I replied ‘…’ den he said ‘’go ahead and dot dot dot me yeah just dot dot dot me.’’ so I din reply. because I don’t noe what 2 say. what am I s’pose 2 do??? I feel like bursting in a million pieces!!! and yet I love him sooo damnnn much!!! help??? :( Breaking down now… :’(

Answer #1

You just have to get used to dating someone who is sensitive - learn to understand his feelings and be patient. Once you have been together for longer he’ll start to loosen up and be more comfortable. Communication is key in a relationship, so you need to practice those skills together.

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