He's amazing but I dont think he likes me

K so I like this guy and on a scale from 1-10 of how much I like him would be 8. Hes so funny and we laugh at each others jokes and stuff. We can talk easily and we know a lot about eachother. Its just he talks to me about guys and how he thinks blah his hot or how he got this dudes number (he’s bi) So he talks to me about that and well I obviously dont know. I really like him and I dont think he likes me in that way. Confusion is set on my mind. I tell myself he wont like me or doesnt like me like that.

We mess around and he calls me baby and stuff and we talk about the most weirdest things and I just cannot stop smiling when we talk together. So I guess what im asking is: Is there any chance this boy might like me?

Answer #1

its possible it also possible that hes sees you as a freind though but you never know, if hes bi, he still could like you the only way you can find out for sure is to ask just ask him if he likes you as more as freind or something like that

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