Should I be mad or keep my mouth shut?

should I be mad or just keep my mouth shut I just met this guy and me and him were supposed to hang out tonight I just got into a fight with my cousin this moring about somthing stupid and she yelled and cursed at me and then I just hung up on her but then he called me and told me he wanted to go out 2nite ofcourse I like the guy so I was happy that he wanted to go out on a date so the moives start at 7:40 and he calls me at 6ish and says I cant go

and he made my day the greatest thing and I was looking forward to tonight and now im sitting here crying should I be mad at him or keep my mouth shut?

Answer #1

keep ur mouth shut i know its hard but i have to do it all the time dont get ur hopes up on guys trust me i have been though enough to know now i cant get the love of my life back and im actually gonna tell guys to back off and just focus on school i cant stand them an all the hell they have put me though

dnt let urself get hurt!

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