Having Trouble hooking up my xbox 360 to my computer?

Im trying to hook my Xbox 360 up to my computer so I can Video stream off of my computer and listen to music. I done what all the web-site says to do but my 360 says there is no PC Selected. When I test the Connection it dont get past PC Selection. Anyone know what the problem might be?? Im usin a router, my computer is Windows XP, and I got both Zune and WMP 11..

Answer #1

If you have a internet box then plug in the DLS cored into a phone plug after plug a enternt wire in to the xbox 360 then into the internet box if you have anymore questions just ask me.

Answer #2

how can I hook up my macbook pro to my 360?

Answer #3

It’s hard to do with windows xp, I would first suggest upgrading to windows 7

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