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I am 14 and havent ever had a boyfriend, all my friends have basically apart from one but she's younger than me!! Well I've had one for 2 days but he was desperate.. I think its because im ugly how can I get guys to appreciate me? X

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first of all...if you keep on thinking you're ugly you're never going to get a boyfriend. Why because boys like girls with confidence, looks are not that important.

So work on your confidence and live YOUR life...stop worrying about boys...just do what you want to do and go out and meet new people and learn new stuff and get out of your comfort zone...then you'll get the confidence you need and you'll meet someone you really like and who isn't desperate because you're not desperate.

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I wouldn't worry about not having a boyfriend at 14. If you really like a boy and he really likes you, it will happen. It's worth waiting, you can't just go and get on just to say you have one. It's not important. Heck, I'm 20 and am in my first real relationship going on 7 months now. I think it's important and more meaningful when you're a little older and more mature. It will happen someday, don't go looking for it!

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dont worry about that, trust me it may seem a long and annoying wait for your first, but its worth waiting for the right person.

being fourteen and without a boyfriend isn't a big deal at all, trust me its perfectly normal to go until maybe 18 or 19+ without a boyfriend. and remember just because everyone else or maybe your friends have all had boyfriends doesn't mean you have to have one.. even if it may feel like this is the case at times. just try and let the thoughts slide and focus on other things. Some one WILL come along at some point:D

Good luck

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You not ugly, first of all. Dont tell yourself that. It all depends on your situation. You can't just get a boyfriend just like that, there has to be a connection. Some of my friends haven't dated either and they say its because there just not ready. You should really find a guy that makes you happy. Dont find one just because everyone else has one.

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if you think your ugly then dress up nice do your hair nice put makeup on and make urself pretty then see if eny boys like you. not many boys do appreciate you if your ugly.

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