Is anyone else having problems posting?

Answer #1

Let me know specifically what problems you are having.

I’m here to fix them!!

Answer #2

sometimes I have that problem too and also dont know how to solve…

Answer #3

What is the specific problem?

Answer #4

when I click send sometimes it doesnt send but I think its not a big problem

Answer #5

Wow that took forever, I have been tryin to login for 8 minutes, the system kicked me off. Anyways it will let me do everything but post on the status board

Answer #6

@EXCITED What happens when you try to post on the status board??? Let me know like right now, so I can make that fix.

Answer #7

When I click on share on any of the pages, even the drop down when you click the triangle, nothing happens

Answer #8

Now it keeps sayin there’s a problem with my post. A page comes up now when clicking share but after I say test and click share that’s when it says there’s a problem with the post. I know your working as fast as you can so I will keep tryin, thanks for your help

Answer #9

@EXCITED If you just type “test” then you post is too short. The system will reject it.

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