Have you ever sent a nude photo?

Have you ever sent a … nude picture to someone? :o I know I have.. and.. still do. hahah.. but only to close friends that I trust. I was just wondering what the percentage was. :D

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Yes, and Police came too my house and almost arrested my dad for sharing “child porn”!!! I had to explain to the officer it was me… infront of my whole family! he has to show me the kids picture and my picture to confirm it.. so fcking embarresing! So never do it again! I sent it from my phone to a phone and I have verizion and on a family plan under my dads name. Verizon checks every single picture message : /

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Nope - I’ve taken prerogative photos in sexy clothing for my fiance but no nakedness involved. I don’t trust a photo like that to be out there of me, you seriously never know what is going to happen. Just because you trust someone a lot now doesn’t mean you’re going to in the future, so much can change in the blink of an eye. Many people do this for the ones they ‘love’ and end up really damaged because of it, huge regrets. It can end up on the internet someday and even affect you if you go looking for a job and the employer does research on you.

Answer #4

Nope no photos of me that aren’t fully clothed

Answer #5

I often had sent nude photos to strangers

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