Have babies quick doctor may induce

I am pregnant with my fith child. I am only 12 weeks along but have a history of having my kids incredibly fast. The last one was about two hours from first contraction to delivery. The contractions are so intense and I don’t take medication. However I now live about 1hour and 20 minutes from the hospital and my doctor is worried I may deliver in the car on the way there which would be unsafe for me and the baby.she said we may need to induce to be safe but since I have my babies so fast I don’t want to do anything that will prolong labor or make it harder on baby. I don’t take medication becasue it happens so quickly and I feel it isn’t good for the baby, but if it takes much longer than usual I may be tempted to take something and I would feel bad. What should I do?

Answer #1

First of all, inducing won’t prolong the labour - if you’re a quick birther, then you’ll still be even with induction.

Secondly, let’s say it did go a little longer…there’s nothing wrong and nothing harmful with Nitrous Oxide.

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