Has anyone used zydot?

I heard that the pills don't work all the time and that they are not even a guarantee to work! I have the test tomorrow at two oclock and I was recommended this drink called Zydot and it is supposed to give you all the vitamins that you need to pass the test. I have heard that this is fail safe and there is even a money back guarantee on the bottle. I am wondering has anyone ever done this?

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I don't know what you are trying to cleanse out of your system. Zydot is a blend of herbs and vitamins. It can reduce toxins in the body, which is good. It has vitamin C, and some B vitamins, which is good. There are some natural diuretics and natural laxatives in Zydot. Diuretics and laxatives should be used with precaution, overdose can cause dehydration. As with any medication (prescribed, herbal, over the counter, or otherwise) you have to be careful not to overdose or throw off the natural balance of your body.

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