Has anyone ever been to the Southern part of Africa?

Has anyone ever been to the Southern part of Africa, and if so what did you think about it? Just curious :-)

Answer #1

no wasn’t speaking about that but yes it is, the gini coefficient you are speaking about. I actually live here and just wondering what people think. :-)

Answer #2

I guess it could be over there. depends where in lesotho though. lol. I live in South-African and am not in a part where it isolated at all. lol. interesting responses I am getting. :-P

Answer #3

I havent, but one of my cousins did on a community involvement program. Apparently the income disparity in South Africa (I assumne thats what you r talking abt) is really huge

Answer #4

I had a friend do Peace Corps in Lesotho. She said it was very isolated and was lonely most of the time…

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