Has anyone been to the projectvotesmart site?

I would like to know if anyone has seen it and what they think of it, if it is a good way of deciding who to vote for or not.

Answer #1

It’s a pretty good tool for researching elected officials, their voting records, who contributes to their campaigns, and what committees they belong to. But it’s not a great tool to use when deciding how to cast your vote. It has no real analysis of the candidates. It’s more of a database for finding basic facts about them as well as contact information.

I’d use it to keep tabs on your Senators and Representatives, but for the presidential election, better to find other resources. You can go to http://www.issues2000.org/default.htm to find out what candidates have said about each of the major issues throughout their campaigns. Also, I know a lot of people balk at Wikipedia, but it’s a great resource to get basic info on the candidates and has lots of links and references to other places to research.

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