Harry potter. Please answer

Okay I am a huge fan of harry potter. I love the books so much. The movies are okay. The only main reson I watch them is because the guy that plays harry potter is so hot. Is he going out with anyone??? Do anyone else think he is hot??/ how can I get aprt in1 os the movies?

Answer #1

Considering that the final two Harry Potter films are already in pre-production, I’d say your chances of getting cast are fairly slim. If casting has not already taken place, it certainly will soon.

Answer #2

you have to call the company that makes them I think… and then you have to audition. even then youd only be an extra

Answer #3

You have to find out when and where the auditons are taking place then try out for them. Good Luck! :)

Answer #4

Google it and see if there are auditions and I’m not completely sure but I don’t think he has a girlfriend.

Answer #5

go to hogwarts

Answer #6


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