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Do you think my Harry Potter head canons are good (Description)?

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I've only written a few because I'm new to writing HC's, but here are some:

As he neared the end of his Hogwarts education, Remus Lupin became more and more reserved. People often wondered how he could be so quiet with friends like James and Sirius. The thing that Remus kept hidden from everyone else was the hopelessness he felt when he saw Lily falling in love with James. He felt that no one would ever be able to love someone with his condition. The moment Tonks agreed to marry him was the happiest day of his life, as for once in his life, he felt hope.

The first time James Potter tried asking Lily Evans out, she promptly punched him in the face and stalked off. Sirius never let James live it down, and constantly reminded him of it for many years after James and Lily's marriage.

Like his father, Hugo had a deathly fear of spiders, while Rose inherited her mother's love for books and learning. But both of them were practical jokers, like their Uncles. They loved to hear stories from George about what he and Fred did in Hogwarts, especially the story about how the twins chased the evil teacher out of the exam hall with a dragon.

Please be brutally honest on what you think XD