Harry Potter 5

When is Harry Potter 5 coming out? Lol, I’m serious

Answer #1

well now if u look at the date its in theaters mayby and in bout 2 weeks from now it should be on DVD

Answer #2

theyre both out

Answer #3

the movie comes out July 14, 2007 and the 7th book comes out July 21,2007 we have 112 days till the movie and 119 till the book i sooooooooooooooooooooooo excited man i can’t wait well hoped this helped

Answer #4

June, the 5th movie is coming out in June 2007

Answer #5

Six of the seven planned books have been published, and the unnamed seventh book is yet to be released. The latest, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, was issued in its English language version on 16 July 2005. The first four books have been made into very successful films, and the fifth began filming in February 2006. English language versions of the books are published by Bloomsbury, Scholastic Press, and Raincoast Books.

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