How hard is it to ace public speaking?

Answer #1

It depends on how hard the teacher grades. I have learned the more preparation and confidence you have the higher the chance you will ace it… Good luck.

Answer #2

Quigley is right, but it also depends on how easy it is for you to speak in front of people. I personally don’t have that much of a problem with it, so it wasn’t too bad for me, but if you have a problem with talking in front of people, it will be harder for you.

Answer #3

pshhh tough class. What i did was blank out everyone else and did my thing. I also said to myself, why should i be nervous, I probably wont even see these people ever again. It helped me when speaking to the public or your class (:

Answer #4

It depends on how well you are with people. If your confident, it wont be too hard. Practice makes perfect! When I have speeches, I stand in the mirror and pretend I’m my own audience. After I succeed in being able to do that without stuffing up, I set up rows of dolls and bears and say my speech to them. I know it’s going to make me laugh and therefore I do it over and over until I find it normal. Then when I have to say a speech in front of an audience, I tell my self if I could do it to stuffed animals, I can do it to people. It just helps me from not laughing and boosts my confidence. Your speech topic should be interesting if you can choose it. Having something that the audience is interested in will get attention. As well as having interesting information and facts. Find your weakness in speeches and find something to overcome it. Like I can’t control my laughing so I talk to bears. It will help you I hope. :)

Answer #5

Stay confident. Make concious thoughts of every word leaving your mouth. Change your entire vocabulary and speak confidently, clearly, use proper diction and voice inflection. Also leave out “um, uh” and other nervous time filling stammering words. Make sure you are well informed on the subject you are speaking of, and if its your choice, choose something you know and are comfortable with, like video games or your favorite soda. Look into body language. When making a presentaion you have to present yourself physically for what you are speaking of. If you get nervous, just remember that everyone in that room has to endure the same thing you do. Just know that the performance you put on is to the best of your ability. That is all anyone ever asks. If you try your best you won’t let yourself down. Personally it was the easiest A I’ve ever recieved.

Answer #6

Thanks, I’m in a jr. college right now that requires it. I’m just saving this great class for last.

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