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What is happening to my sex liiiifffeeeee and my relationship. how do i explain without sounding controlling?

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What is going on in my relationship? So, ive been married to my husband now for a while, and lately i've been catching him "pleasing himself" more and more often. i have no problem with it, except now it seems as if our "fun time" ( im trying to use nice words for it XD) is less romantic, and definitively has lost spark. it never did until i started catching him 2-3 times a day in the bathroom with his smartphone... if anything i think he has fun with me simply because he thinks he has to! i am more than willing to have fun whenever he's around, even if it means multiple times in a day. i dunno. i just feel like (since i don't often please myself and NEVER use porn) that all those naked women are replacing me, i feel obsolete and inadequate... HELP!!! how do i tell him this without sounding like i'm trying to control him? this is a guy who is very jealous about me, very protective and really doesn't like me around other men except my close buddies.