What happend to the old photos on my iPod?

I went to my itunes library and i used to have 623 photos on my ipod. Well i was trying to upload new ones as well and copy the old one that were on my ipod onto my computer but now the old photos are gone and i can’t find them. They are very important photos and i need them back !HELP!!!

Answer #1

If you have synced your iPod onto your computer before trying to upload the new photos, then you can retrieve them. Plug your iPod in & go onto iTunes. On the sidebar where it has your iPod name, click on that & it has a tab for the last time you synced it. Click on to it and it will give you a list of times you backed up your iPod. Choose the recentest one possible. For example if you synced it last night, it will give you the time. Click on to it & click restore. This will get  your 623  photos back. The only way to upload the new photos you want is to copy & paste them in the folder that contains the 623 photos on your iPod. Then click on to your iPods photos tab in iTunes & sync the whole folder that contains the pictures you want to put on to your iPod. You should then have them all in one folder on your iPod. 

Answer #2

I don’t get it tho.. Wheres the button i click so it will tell me where the last synced times were???

Answer #3

When you plug Your iPod into iTunes, it will come up on the sidebar. It will say iPod touch or if you named your iPod, it’ll have your ipod name. Click on to it & it will tell you when you last synced

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