what would happen if i was on a pedal bike and i got a seed camera to take my picture coz i was speeding ???

would i get a fine and points or would they just ignore it ??? i live in the uk :P


Answer #1

I’d be pretty impressed if you were going over the posted speed limit, but I don’t think those limits apply to bicycles.

Answer #2

i know a bit thats a 30 zone downhill and i can do like 22mph on the flat dual carrageway :)


Answer #3

No I have seen people go over the speed limit on a peddle bike. I know they where because I did a bit of speeding to get around them :p.

But I don’t think speed limits apply to non-motorized vehicles. Also it would be hard to identify you because there is no license plate for the camera to get a shot of.

Answer #4

XD i was gonna wear a teeshirt with my name and address printed on the front and back :)


Answer #5

I doubt it would actually capture you. The cameras are built to take pictures of vehicles, they are angled towards where the license plate is visible. It is not likely they would be able to take a picture of your shirt…

Answer #6

:’( i wanted to put it on my wall :’(


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