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What would happen if I went to California?

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So, when I'm 18 I want to go to California to visit my ex. I live in Ontario, Canada. My plan is: I would just pack up and leave one night without telling my parents. I would have enough money and such, so I could just buy a ticket, hop on the plane, and a get a taxi to take me to my ex's house. I would just live with my ex, and pretty much never contact my parents again if I could help it. So my real question is: If my parents told the police that I was missing and the police found me, would they be able to force me to come home? Would the law change because I would be in the USA? If someone could explain it to me in detail that'd be amazing :) And if this turns into a status update I will hurt someone VERY badly >.>. Thanks, and sorry this is really long!