What would happen if your baby niece threw coke into your xbox 360?

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I don't think thrs much u can do

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It *might* be ok when it dries out, but don't hold your breath.

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Most electronics do survive "attacks" of liquid, when they are not powered on and if you let them dry thoroughly before switching them on again. The dried sugar from the coke might disturb the system though. It can block heat in the chips. And it can burn inside the X-Box.

Remove the power chord, wash off the sticky stuff with pure water and put it somewhere to dry. Be sure to use pure water. Dry it for at least a week or so. If you get lucky, nothing will corrode inside and it will work like before. Never, ever, ever, ever switch on any wet electronics. Remove all power cords and let it dry.

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Water is fine but I doubt the sugar will do the xbox any good. Electronics like that are fairly resilient though, but they really don't like sugar. Expect the worst and you might be happily surpised.

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take it to the nearest xBox 360 service center ?

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hmmm...i may faint ..fell on the ground ..hit my head in a glass surface ...and get a full memory loss :)

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