What do you do for fun in your area?

What do you do for fun in your area?

Answer #1

Movies, hit up the mall, uhh Im always at the mall, and sometimes parties, I mean I live in Atlanta, so what is there NOT to do EXCEPT go to the beach.. :[

Answer #2

Anything and everything. Go for lunch at the pier Jump off the Jetty Go to the movies Chillax, play computers and just talk, its nice with company Go shopping Go to the beach..

all the usual.

Answer #3

jam with meh bands doing any kind of art chill with friends

Answer #4

I have to drive 30 miles just to get to a real town I live in the boonies well a really small town

Answer #5

I wax indignant, and say, “Modesty becomes the fair, and moreover laughter that has little cause is great silliness; this, however, I say not to pain or anger you, for my desire is none other than to serve you.”

…then they tighten the straps.

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