handmade rug from iran where can I sell it?

I have this beautiful handmade rug that was made in Iran. its Huge and its really nice and in good condition. does anyone know anything about rugs? I want to sell this rug and im not sure how much rugs from iran even sell for or where to sell it even. any ideas?

Answer #1

You could try selling it on Ebay.

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Answer #3

There are specialty stores that sell Persian rugs. They may be willing to sell it on consignment. If this is a good rug it should be worth a lot.

Answer #4

If you think it’s valuable sell it on any popular website or post ads around the city and the internet explaining why you want to sell it and the price range.

Answer #5

Hi, If you send me a photo or several photos including detail on the back I can give you some advice or offer you a fair price if I can use it. Please contact me at afarsh@gmail.com


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