Does anyone have tips for Hamsterz on DS?

Yeah so I have hamsterz- and am doing pretty rubbish on it! Can anyone give me any tips!?

Also does anyone know what the purpose of the holidays are? They seem pretty useless to me!


Answer #1

but how do you change the date

Answer #2

hi I’ve got a tip win it toys and bod with it by holding it petting it ad brushing it

Answer #3


How to get gifts

If you want some toys for your hamster to play with then you can let it out of the cage and you will find boxs then if you pick your hamster up and put it on top of the box when your hamster moves they will collect the gift of if you click on food then just leave it then a coupple of mins later go back to the main screen not the screen right at the beging the on when you meet your hamster they may have a play icon at the bottom press it then you will go into a game when you play it at the end you will have 3 gifts if you have scuecced if not then you will have less.

Hammy holds more Hamsterz

Hammy will hold more than four Hamsterz for you. It is possible to have six of them; five with Hammy and one out. Also, the more Hamsterz you have, the more you can go to the bedroom and get presents which lead to getting bigger cages faster.

How to get your Hamster to learn all the words in one day!

Its simple! Just change the date on your DS to a special date, (Christmas, New years) go back into Hamsterz, go to teach and it should appear with words such as New Years eve or New Years. (That is if you put New Years date in)

The special dates (holidays) are important because you get special things if you play on those days.

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