Hamsters On airlines?

Im moving back to vegas soon and I have my adorbale hamster that I love tto death and dont want to leave her here. would the airlines allow her to travel with me?would it be safe for her to? im flying from colorado to nevada. please reply Asap

Answer #1

I used to have a hamster named Zippy :) He lived to be 3.

Here’s information I found for you:

Most airlines do not have hamsters on their list of animals, so they fall into the “other/general” category. U.S. Air, American Airlines, TWA, United Airlines and Continental require you to put the hamster into the cargo hold.

Delta Airlines allows 1-2 hamsters in the passengar cabin. The cage counts as carry-on luggage and must meet with carry-on size limitations. Delta allows only 2 animals in the cabin at a time, so the airline must be notified at the time the tickets are purchased.

There are some conditions:

* Fees: $45-$60 (independent of cabin or cargo). In cargo, the fee is per cage, and animal quantity is unlimited.
* Age: Hamsters must be at least 8 wks old at the time of travel.
* Health: Each hamster must have a veterinary statement of good health within 30 days of travel.
Answer #2

From all of those replies I would believe them. For sure they let little Zippy on!

Answer #3

you should, he’s small.

Answer #4

you should be able to board a small animal such as a hamster

Answer #5

Its not a long flight, the hampster will be fine.

Answer #6

Oh and here is Zippy :)

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