Do you like ham?

do you like ham?

Answer #1

yeah, but certain kinds. I don’t like the salty kind (yuck!). I’m from the south, so I like ham that has a nice strong hickory flavor, or ham that has a sweet hint of maple flavoring. around the holidays, I like the country ham that you usually have to stick in the oven overnight. basically for me, it has to be from the south or I won’t touch it.

Answer #2

Ham is the SHA-BAM!! …yeahh, ham is okay, I’ve tasted better. Just wanted to type the sha-bam part.

Answer #3

umm it’s okayy

Answer #4

love it its the sha boomarang

Answer #5

ham is nice

Answer #6

Yes… maple-cured or honey-glazed, please…

Answer #7

Bacon is better… mmm…

Answer #8

only smoked.

Answer #9

NOOO HATE IT!! haha :P

Answer #10

brown sugar ham is the best!!! I love ham!!!

Answer #11

mmm…maple…honey… yummy goodness…

slumps off into a ham-induced coma

Answer #12

Oh yes!

Answer #13

I agree with captainassassin, maple-cured…yum

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