My birthday is on Halloween and I’m turning 14. I wanted to have a costume party with my friends but my aparment is too small to have a bunch of friends over partying. I’m a freshman soo playing pin the tail on the donkey and apple bobbing wouldn’t amuse me and my friends too long. I really need some advice. Help?!?!

Answer #1

Just Get A Cake Thats Creepy Looking Then Make Your Apartment Look Weird Put Holloween Stuff On Wall Then Invite As Much People As You Can Into apartment!! Then Tell Me How Everything Goes!

Answer #2

A Halloween birthday? Your so f*cking lucky lol Halloween is my favorite holiday! And you can get really creative with it too when it comes to parties. you say your appartment so too small for a lot of people, well could you have the party somewhere else? Funmail me if you need any other help planning stuff because Halloween is one thing I’m good at helping with haha

Answer #3

You should have a sleepover instead, invite your close friends, talk about school, boys and fun stuff, tell stories and havee funn!

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