When did you stop going out for halloween and stop wearing costumes

So im 13 and im going out with my bestfriend this year for halloween. were just going to go as ourselves tough and maybe add some accesories or something. When did you stop going out for halloween and when did you stop wearing a costume?

Answer #1

im in yr 8 now and I still dress up every year. im being a fairy princess this year.

Im going trick or treatin this year.

sian forever?xx

Answer #2

I’m a grown woman with kids and I still enjoy dressing up! I stopped going trick or treating with my friends when I was in 8th grade but I took my friends little sister and kids I babysat for all throughout highschool because it was sooo much fun! If you feel like you’re getting too old, bring someone’s kid sister out and go anyways!

Answer #3

I am 22 and last Halloween was the first actual Halloween Party I’ve ever been to and it was a blast. I’m getting ready for this year’s get-together. The party is nothing crazy, just some friends hanging out, but hey, it’s fun to dress up!

If you feel like not dressing up, then don’t. Just go have some fun, watch a scary movie, or pass out candy. But don’t think, well this is the year I stop dressing up!.. It’s like you birthday, some years are more awesome than others. Maybe j=next year you’ll feel inspired to dress up. :)

Happy halloween! (soon)

Hope this helps. :)

Answer #4

to be honest all my friends who are about 18 now still dress up and come out and so do I & im 14 :) but we do abit more than just trickortreating :) xx

Answer #5

I think you and your “bestfriend” should dress up as emo twins! haha xD

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