Half Blood Prince...2009

Alright. So…the new Harry Potter movie, was suppose to have come out already… why do we have to wait till next summer? Uhg. So disappointing. Oh well. Anyone out there anxious to see it? I know I am. ^_^

Answer #1

I am!!! My Bff and I were going to see it the day it comes out because we are HP fanatics!,plus her B-day is in November too,but now we have to wait until next year in July. Which sucks, they say that their only moving back the date so they can get more viewers. stupid.

I hope the movie ends up being great unlike the 5th one. =/

Answer #2

My bday is in Nov, 23, and I so was going to go see it with my sister the 21, cause it’s hers but now some more years, tought I tought they were spliting the last book in 2, so they could cover all of the important stuff in the movie.

Answer #3

I’m not a huge fan of the movies, but I still really want to see it. (I really want to see the last one so the sooner the 6th comes out, the sooner I can see the last one!)

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