How to get hairier arms?

I want to have hairy arms any way to make my arms more hairy I'm a man?

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well if the men in your family are quite hairy (like mine) then you will eventually get hairyer. but if you don't then the shaving of the arms would be a good idea

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Im probally the wrong guy to help you. I agree with the girls comment with shaving. I swam in high school and shaved my arms before events and it has come back to haunt me and probally forever. I tried to let grow back but when it did it came back thicker and darker. So I have been cursed to shave my arms every 3-4 days. my best advise If you dont have much arm hair dont worry about it most girls dont like hairy arms anyways.

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shave your arms...when you shave the hair grows back quicker and thicker

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Are you sure it depends on shaving? That I know the follicle number stays the same, and hair gets naturally thicker, especially in adolescence.

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