Do girls have hair in their buttholes?

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mabey we du!!butt boys have it longer and thicker and smellier!!so shut up you butthole!!!

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We have hair all over our body, some more than others.

Try to be a bit more polite with your questions, there are nicer ways to ask questions.

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That is not a very nice way to put it, but yes, like guys, even girls have furry butts. Not all girls do.

Is it normal for a girl to have hair here?
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My girl does. She lets me shave it for her.

Do guys like it when girls shave their pubic hair?
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I ask my boyfriend to shave my butthair..then he licks my clean-shaven butt..mmm He puts his nose in my vagina and his tongue in my butthole..that just drives me crazy..until I finally reach a BIG orgasm!!
He likes the smell of my fresh vagina..and doesn`t wash his face for a week...he just loves the smell of my vagina.

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I Like Butthole...mmm...butthole, gartar, mmmgartar, ambergris

betcha you dont know what thay means

I Like Furry Were the Wild things are butthole

Do girls like males to shave pubic hair?
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So do girls have hair in their buttholes ?

How to remove pubic hair?

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