How to make my hair soft and shiny?

what can one do when ones hair is curly underneath and straight on top, also I have tried hair masques to make my hair soft and shiny and all I get is the same knoty dry hair as before but abit nicer smelling, any suggestions girls? xx

Answer #1

ok all you need to do is buy a straightner an straighin your hair when thats done take garneir frutes shine spray and put that in your k? good luck =]

Answer #2

I’m assuming you want it to be straight? (Please let me know if I’m wrong on that one.)

Have you tried using a straightening iron? they take a bit of patience, but they manage to do the trick. Use some de-frizzing serum after straightening, so that the curls don’t reform and go boofy.

Answer #3

if you are trying to straighten it then you can get perm solution and get a comb and keep combing it to make it go straight. thats what my mom did after she got a perm and it worked. that way if you want to curl it later, you can with a curling iron or flat iron. if you are trying to get it curly then maybe you can perm the top then when you want it straight use a straightner. if you want soft and shiny hair you can use leave in conditioner.. that with make is soft and smooth during the day.

Answer #4

thanks gals I suppose im impatient a little as my hair has had this problem since I was a teen, im too scared to get t chemically straightened as my hair is already coloured, il try the irons, I have tried defrizz solutions by kerastase and it made my hair sooo knotty, I would recomend the gold bottle range by Redken its awesome for all hair types the vinyl gloss finishing spray is good as well xxx

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