What's the best haircut for a round face?

if I have a round face what is the best haircut for me?

Answer #1

med, length is good and side bangs 2 b/c it frames your face and makes it look not as round. Good luck!! :D

Answer #2

short layers and angled toward your face. I also have a round face, and it looks really good. hope you like it

Answer #3

side bangs and layer it. I have a round face I always tye it up so it doesnt look so . . . .ugh round!lol=)

Answer #4

ohh sweep fringe with long or short. draw attention to cheekbones. just try google.

Answer #5

Try a side swept fringe and plenty of layers!

Answer #6

probably short with layers. and lots of color! goodluck! :]

Answer #7

long and wavy or curly!

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