Good hair styles for homecoming, I have layered hair

I have layered hair, down to my sholders.. and I was wondering if you have any good hair styles I should do for my homecoming…please help me out.. I have no idea what to do with my hair!

Answer #1

What you’ll need: You need a blowdryer, styling mousse or lotion, a brush, wide-toothed comb, pins, a fat curling iron, hot rollers, hairpins, holding spray & hairspray. First step: Wash hair & put styling lotion in hair working from the roots out. Blow dry your hair thoroughly. This style works best on VERY dry hair. After hair is dry: Now you’ll want to roll hair in hot rollers. Spritz holding spray on pieces of hair before rolling in big curlers. Once curls are cool: Take out rollers one at a time, teasing each piece a bit at the root. Be careful to keep chunky pieces together. Pull hair back in a loose ponytail Next, how to create the look in the picture: Take chunky piece of hair and roll it up, pinning it in place on your crown. Do this with each chunky piece, but be sure & curl & pin hair in alternating directions. Sometimes you’ll want to roll in, sometimes out. The trick is to alternate while keeping the chunks in place. If you have bangs: You’ll want to leave bangs out of the style. Part them on the side & smooth along face. Last but not least: Add extra pins for support then spray the whole look in place

Answer #2

get some extencions!

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