Hairstyle and dress color for a wedding?

Im going to a wedding and I dont know what hairstlye I should do or what color dress I should wear!!!

Answer #2

have your hair up in curls made by a curling or straight iron..their easier for me to make w. the straighting iron…and just leave some strands of hair out and curl those seperatly and bam! your gorgeous!! probably wear like pink or peach..those two colors I can see you in perfectly! hope that helped some..

Answer #3

ummm…I can imagine your hair in a do that… or you can always curl it with a curling iron =) as for the dress… go for bright colors, cause you dun’t want to look dull!! but ofcourse don’t wear white nor black!! you dun’t want to wear the same color as the bride - that’s just a no no!! and no black… because you’re going to a wedding not a funeral =P try green, red, pink, or blue. and maybe a hulter dress would be nice…or off the shoulders, are always hot =)

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