Hair style advice anyone???

How do you straighten your hair with absolutely no flat iron ..I have one but it bugs me to straighten every day is there some secret I’m missing?? just guess=]

Answer #1

go ask for a reverese perm its cheaper and it straightens your hair I got it done … my hairs straight lol

Answer #2

What you can do is take a shower the night before, wash your hair and use plenty of conditioner. Before bed, use a large round brush and blowdry style your hair straight. The round brush will smooth any curl out and in the morning you can just “touch up” your hair with the straightener. More and more websites are showing how to blow out your hair with the round brush. Its not hard, and it’s inexpensive. Also, look from smoothing, sleek, and straightening hair products.

Good luck.

Answer #3

You can go get it straightened at a salon… it would save you from having to do it everyday…

Answer #4

Well a flat iron is always good.. But if you dont want to use it then you may as well use a lot of conditioner haah.

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