Hair relaxers only for africian americans?

Are hair relaxers ( from walmart) only for africian american type hair? I have crazy curly hair and I was just wondering would it make my hair go naturally stright. or would it not work becuse I have caucasion hair?

Answer #1

I get my hair relaxed because I have pretty frizzy hair. And it doesn’t totally straighten it. But it relaxes it. Use a flat iron and the relaxer and you should be good to go.

Answer #2

No Way! I know a lot of Caucasians who use relaxers and products made for black peoples hair (supposedly] on their hair.

so no.

Answer #3

Theyy are not only for African Americans, You can get your hair naturally straight with a good flat iron. But be happy with your hair because we can do wayyy more with ours then they offense

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