Hair on upper lip?

I am only 12 years old, but my upper lip has hairs on it. It is sometimes noticable. Should I wax it? What should I do? I really don’t want to get hurt or have my upper lip irritated after waxing. Any advice?

Answer #1

OMG!!!…I stole my mums razor too and did my upper lip and now its so thick and noticeable!!! so I just bleach it you shud try veet hair lightner if its reeely dark and it also softens it too. (im 12 also)

Answer #2

They have a product called ‘finishing touch’ and if you can find one at the store it will help loads. It easily removes hair with a small razor. You don’t feel a thing, I promise! It also shaves eyebrows, legs and arms, (If you don’t have a lot of hair) bikini area, etc…They may not sell the Finishing touch anymore, but they have several products like it…You could find something for under $10 I’m sure. Don’t wax…it would hurt way too much.

Answer #3

Finishing touch is great! emmalism is rite. just wax or shave ahain if it grows back.

Answer #4

I have mine waxed. I’ve had the same problem for years. I went through puberty really quickly and really early. Wax only hurts for a minute, and it lasts much longer than shaving/using finishing touch.

Answer #5

lols, im 12 also and im not sure what do do either, I think I should just wax, but im unsure if it will grow thinker and darker, is it true that it gets worse, or does it get better?(lighter and thinner) I have a mini mustache on my top lip alsoo >< its reallly gross and I don’t know what to do HELPP pleassse

Answer #6

I’ve been waxing my eye brows/lip since I was 12. I did, and I am still doing fine with it.

Answer #7

Okay. Wax is the way to go. Sally’s sells wax in strips. It’s easy, and doesn’t hurt much, and if it ever does, it’s only for a second. Shaving that area would be a BAD idea, Seeing as how shaving can cause hair to grow back faster, and thicker, waxing lasts longer and you’ll be happy with the results.

Also your pack of wax strips will last quite a long time so it’s money well spent.

Good luck!

Answer #8

Why not try bleaching it? You can get products from the Pharmacy for excess dark hair. You can get a cream that lightens the hair and it only takes 10 minutes. It’s unnoticable once bleached. I wouldn’t recommend shaving or waxing as the re-growth can get dark and noticable.

Answer #9

I have been so worried…I shaved it a couple months ago…it hasnt grown back yet, but it shows a sign more like a lil peach fuzz…!!!I think shaving it is better than waxing, it doesnt hurt, just make sure you do it in a daily basis-say evry month or so, just dont over do it, because if you go far out of the upper lip area the hair growth might spread!!!(I am 12 too…embarrased by that peach fuzz)HAHA

Answer #10

Thank you!! =D

Answer #11

mostsexy, if it grows back she can always shave it again. I love my Finishing Touch.

You are Welcome!

Answer #12

im 12 also, and I like got (lol stole ;)) one of my moms razors and I shaved my top lip, and its been like 4 days and it is still smooth. I have a bad problem with hairy top lip aswell, dont worry! lol

Answer #13

no unless its realy bad becuse that means if you wax or shave theres no turning back it will grow back thicker

Answer #14

why some ladies have upeer lip hair? its any relation with sexual apperance?3

Answer #15

Ha, I don’t think waxing is the way to go people. It hurts like hell…especially to someone her age!

Answer #16

I wouldn’t advice shaving it, because thats mostly what makes it grow back darker and thicker. but waxing periodicly would be a good way to get rid of it.

but hair on the upper lip is very normal in both girls and guys. peach fuzz is what the ladies get, but if it gets out of control there is always a pill for that, thats OTC.

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