Hair on the first day of school?

How should I wear my hair on the first day of school?? I want to do something cute, but not over the top.

Answer #1

Hmm I’m same like you..

Wut I do is Wash My Hair,

and You Should take moose, curl your hair with your hands,

make it really curly,

and you can either put it up high on a pony tail,

or jus let it go and be fresh…


~! Sandra ~!

Answer #2

do two cute lose pigtails in a side parting, but make sure they are lose at your scalp. leave your bangs swept across your forhead and behind the other ear. Super Cute! xx

Answer #3

he’s asking these questions becuase he’s real and he is using this site so he won’t get critisized by people he knows. but dude you should say first “im a guy” just so people know… but how long is your hair? that’ll help in my advice… if your worried about your hair you should have sexxii hair like christofer drew or adam lambert or caleb turman [= they alllways get attention becuase of their hooottt hair [= be like them dude hope I helped ask me for more if you dont have hair like themmm… [=

Answer #4

Why are you asking questions that a girl would ask if you’re a guy?

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