Hair Color: How many 'shades' different?

Can anyone tell me how to figure out how many “shades” difference there are between different hair colors? Is there some sort of color wheel or key somewhere I can look at? I have (dyed) medium brunette hair with dark blond roots.

I’m getting it dyed back to dark blond soon. I know you should only take your hair a few shades at a time to minimize the damage. I’m just wondering how long that will take. I have no idea if I’m 10 shades away, 2 shades away, etc.


Answer #1

I did hairdressing at college since I dropped out of school before having a baby.. was you planning on doing this yourself? from a medium brunette you are at the moment a base of a 6.. you need to get to a base of a 9.. soo thats 3shades.. you should be able to lift your hair now to the colour that you want, but before you do what my friend did.. she had brown hair and dyed it blonde.. DONT look in the mirror at think oh my god its going ginger and wash it off! to go blonde your hair goes through a cycle, from orange to yellow to blonde! becuase it is a tint it will stop working after the allowed time, as it it wer a bleach, it would carry on working and then your hair would turn chewing gum like and all fall out (Just incase you go over the time) remember check ALL home tints and read the boxes because some reccomend not to used on previously dyed or highlighted hair …good luck.. funmail me if you need anymore help.

Answer #2

I cant find one on the internet but if you go to a salon they usually have a bunch of hair colours attached to a keyring from lightest to darkest so they would be able to help you out. :)

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