Hair Bleaching?

Does it damage your hair and if it does how bad? Should I do it at home or get a professional to do it?

Answer #1

ahhh! but what if I just want streaks??

Answer #2

It will still ruin your hair.

Answer #3

Bleach does a lot of damage to your hair. It dries out both the hair and your scalp, making it brittle and its burns it.

NEVER do it at home!


Answer #4

Yes, it does damage your hair.

If it’s too strong or you don’t deep condition regularly, your hair will be fried and your ends will be split.

Doing it at home could make it uneven, too strong/weak, or could make a mess.

You should get it done by a professional.

Just remember that when you have dark hair, you have to touch up the roots very frequently.

Answer #5

yes it destroys your hairs health, shine and strength making it brittle and unhealthy its always best to get it done by a profesional but be aware that a lot of teenswho are at salons arnt always profesional some of them are new or inexpiriencedand something could always go wrong but theres a lot higher chance of something going wrong if your doing it yourself or the first time also the less time the bleach is on your hair, the less damage it does to it

Answer #6

I bleached mine at home and it turned out fine and it was way cheeper then getting it done professionally and if you conditition it and dont do a lot of damaging things to your hair like straightning it too soon it shold be fine

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