what does it mean if your hair accually " falls" out ?

im pretty worried

Answer #1

that you have hair loss.go see your doctor.you will be okay,

Answer #2

ok then =(

Answer #3

Hair falling is a natural process and you don’t have to worry about that much. But if it is premature hair fall, then you better consult as there will be some reasons for the hair fall then and you can also be treated accordingly

Answer #4

It could be due to stress, hereditary condition, or health. Don’t worry too much, see a doctor for medication and just try and eat healthy foods with lots of Vitamin C, drink lots of water, and do a bit of exercise.

Answer #5

i do all of that part from the doctor thing =P

Answer #6

The root of the hair (the follicle) causes hair growth to sprout upwards. From time to time adividual follicles will shed the who hair (a bit like a dog shedding summer hair growth in order to grow the thicker winter hair growth).

In humans, the follicle will form new growth which may either be thicker or thinner. Small amounts of hair loss is entirely normal.

There are various causes of severe hair loss in humans including certain types of poisoning, and chemotherapy treatment for cancer.

So called “male pattern baldness” is caused by a complex chemical reaction involving products of the male hormone “testosterone”. It causes to follicles in the region of the crown of the head, and the areas around the forehead to produce the thinner hairs earlier than the regions near the ears and back of the head. Most males experience some male pattern baldness to some extent. It usually starts after the age of 30, but can start in the teens or 20’s.

Here his a famous man with clear male pattern baldness in his 20’s


Most women are not deterred by male pattern baldness.

– Best wishes - Majikthise.

Answer #7

k thx dude

Answer #8

You’re welcome - are you asking for yourself or for somkeone else? [you can funmail me if you don’t want to answer here]

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