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Haha surveyyy. (dirty) lol

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Ever had sex in a public place? yes

Ever laugh during sex? no

Ever cry during sex? If so, why? The first time, cause it hurt.

Do you like to cuddle after sex? yes

Ever regret sex with someone? no

Ever faked an orgasm? no

Ever have unprotected sex? Yes :(

Ever masturbate to your friends significant other? noo lol

Ever have a threesome? nope

Ever watch porn during sex? No

Ever thought of someone else during sex? Nope

Has the condom ever broke? yes

How old were you when you lost your virginity? 16 or 17

Who would you like to have sex with right now? haha yea if my boyfriend was here.

Do you like 69? haha who doesnt?

Are you horny now? not really at all

How many sexual partners? 2

Do you like sex in the car? yea its exciting lol

Do you still talk to the person you lost virginity to? Yes

Ever have sex with a relative/friends significant other? No

Ever been with a cheater? yes

Toys, good or bad? Not really my thing

Lingerie? its nice

Ever sleep with a co-worker? No
Have you had sex in the following places- yes or no

Park no

Pool yes

Hot tub no

Church no!

Cemetery no thats creepy

School (or parking lot) no

Parent's bed (other persons) yes

Your bed yes

Car yes

Public library no

In a barn no

In front of a window (curtains open) no

In front of a window (curtains closed) no

Picnic table no

In the snow no

In a tree or tree house no

Same room while a friend was doing it. Uhh negative

Same room with a friend watching... hell no

Kitchen table nope thats gross

Kitchen counter no

Couch/chair yes

Pool table no

On top of a bar no

Front lawn in daylight no

At a relatives house while visiting no

On top the roof no

On a bus (school/public/coach) no

Public restroom no lol

Woods yes

Hood of a car no

Bathroom yes

Shower yes

The other person's bed yes

Porch/deck/balcony no

In a house with parents home yes

At a party no

On top of the washer/dryer no

With other people in the room no

Hotel yes

Concert no

At your workplace (or partner's)... No

Grandparent's house no

Field no

Beach yea

Bleachers no

Golf course no

Tennis court noo

Elevator nope

Parking ramp no