What's the code for hacking myspace?

what is the code for hacking other myspace accounts?

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omfg! get a life, loser! IT IS ILLEGAL, YOU LITTLE FREAK! GOD, GET A LIFE!!!

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I have used ATX to get my boyfriend myspace password and they send it to me in less then 30 min, I thought I would share this with you.


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Well, first off u cnt hack a myspace nd if u did, they'd find u n a heartbeat nd ud be banned 4 life, so dnt think about it, cuz there's no possible way with all that frickin security, so y dnt u get a life creep!

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Not possible, unless you can install a key logger or guess their login credentials, you can't "hack" a myspace account. Also, you'd get in serious trouble if you really did something to "hack" them.

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nothing is impossible to hack. and technicaly thats cracking

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Cant why are you trying anyway
its kinda illegall hayy

How can I get my Myspace back after being hacked?

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how do I hack my mspace account?

Why does everyone want to hack Myspace?

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