Do you guys like spam?

Why or why not?

Answer #1

Spam, the canned meat, or spam on the computer?

Answer #2

Eww, no. I just really really dont like the taste lol

Answer #3

I’ve never tried it, we have a can of it that we never eat, my dad always jokes that “we’re saving it for when the world ends”. Bahaha

Answer #4

The meat

Answer #5


Answer #6

Then let’s move this to the proper category, shall we? :)

Answer #7

Lol what does it taste like to you?

Answer #8

To answer your question, though…it reminds me too much of cat food.

Answer #9

Umm okay

Answer #10

No , I hate spam

Answer #11

tastes like disgusting. somewhat like dog food or cat food, bleh

Answer #12

spam is so gross. it looks weird.. i have never tried it but when i see it.. ughh it looks gross ahaha

Answer #13

No, very discusting and smelly.

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