Why do all the guys at my school always have greasy hair?

Answer #1

Either they don’t wash it or they put too much gel in it :/

Answer #2

Men secrete more sebum (oil) and they secrete it throughout life.

Answer #3

It’s probably gel or mousse. Also, they may keep wetting their hair down and spiking it or something.

Answer #4

not all guys have greasy hair. some like to take care of themselves lol, but i guess it would be cuz they have “better” things to do than shower :P

Answer #5

Sometimes it is unavoidable. When I was a teen my hair was so oily that I would wash it in the morning and it was greasy by noon.

Answer #6

Too much gel in them, they are all perty boys now :P

Answer #7

my hair is fluffy n soft, i use conditioner every day n no gel, perhaps the guys at ur school could learn to shower for starters lol

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