Are there any guys that actually do what they say like when they say they will never hurt you?

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We are all human and no matter how hard we try we will always hurt those close to us. I don't mean anything serious but there are little things that hurt your feelings. There are guys that really won't hurt you like as in abuse, there are a lot of guys out there who believe a woman should never be struck. They usually stay true to their word as well.

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that's the way jon (my boyfriend) is he was taught never to hit or hurt a girl well in any physical way

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That's good, a girl doesn't need that in her life.

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i know and i am so glad i found him i think he might be the one!!! ;3

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Yay!! That's great, a wonderful feeling.

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i know i can't wait to tell him others are happy for us!!!

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:) I know what you mean.

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People get hurt all the time. We vow/promise not to hurt each other but sometimes our emotions get the best of us. Best to stay away from someone who is really angry or really sad. hehe

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LOL...none that I have met in 60 years...they're intentions are good, but that's a hard thing to live up to. Same holds true for women, tho. Best not make a promise like that, no one knows the future.

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Noone can promise not to hurt you emotionally.

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Honestly, in my experience, when a guy says that you can't hold him to it. He doesn't ever want to hurt you, which is why he says he won't, but we can't control what will happen in the future. People get hurt; it doesn't help to hold it against the person who did the hurting. Just learn from the experience and try to take something from it rather than let it hinder your opinion of men.

Guys will be guys, and you will get hurt. But learn to forgive and take things as they come. Everyone's gonna end up hurting you one way or another, a little forgiveness can go a long way :)

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I am one of them :] I love my girlfriend so much, and i told her so many times that i will never hurt her, neither physical or emotional way. I promised her that i will never cheat on her, lie to her, yell on her, God forbid to hit her, or break up with her. Soon it will be 3 months since we are together and i am keeping my word :D

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Everyone important to you in your life is going to hurt you, whether it's intentionally or not. As long as your guy doesn't intentionally try to hurt you, emotionally or physically, I'd say that you're one lucky girl. :) The most important people in life are going to hurt you, and whether you know it or not, you do hurtful things, too. You don't mean to, but we're all humans and make mistakes. I hope for the best!

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To my knowledge i have never hurt a girl. To all my friends who are girls i sware that i wount hurt them. I never would do it on purpose and i avoid it to the best of my ability. so, i am one of them. i will never physically hurt a girl on purpose, but again, i am human, and i make mistakes, but never on purpose would i hurt a girl physically or emotionally, and i havent yet to my knowledge

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is that still possible?? hmm.. it is best to say nothing to girls at all.

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yeah i never do anything to hurt my girlfriend if anything she hurt me but i always forgive her (i mean she hurt me mentally not physically)

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im one of the guys that actually means it when i say that... i will admit i hurt a few girls but when i realized how bad it hurt and how heart breaking it is i told my self i would never do that again and i havent... and i wont... i guess it just takes growing up understanding your mistakes but i guess some guys never will

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