Do guys find it attractive if a girl rides a horse?

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Depends on the guy, I'd say. I'm sure a lot of cowboys think it is very attractive!

ANSWER #2 of 13 will look attractive if a girl is wearing a hot outfit for horse riding...and also if a girl is riding it really good,boys will be IMPRESSED!!

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Yes, I think it is attractive. It tells the man "Hey! She's riding a horse. This means she likes being active and has hobbies! You should learn to horseback ride too!"

Aleksandr, Future USMC 0321

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thank u!

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If the boy is in to riding horses I'm sure it would be a turn on

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To some guys it is. More of the sporty guys like that. Plus riding really helps with building muscles to a point where it makes the body look good.

Then again there are those guys who think riding is stupid and isn't really a sport so to them it wouldn't be attractive.

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I ride horses, and my boy doesn't think it's a bad thing. He thinks riding is sexy :)

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You shouldn't worry a whole lot about that. If a guy really cares about you he won't let something little like that bother him if he does indeed think it is stupid. If he does like it then that will just be a plus

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Yes .. pretty much always.

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I ride horses and was wondering the same thing hahaha.

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